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We would like to recount the history of our father in the following few words, although not anyway close to doing justice, but it will at least give his and our friends, colleagues and relatives a glimpse of his momentous journey, spanning over 7 decades.

From his days as a teacher in Supanburi Province in his teen to St.Johns and St.John Mary today, Ajarn Samai has achieved so much, taught so many and touched the heart of those whose paths crossed his. The gentleness and caring personality, together with utter patience, set the pattern of what an ideal teacher should be. Dad was keen to jot down his thoughts, with the unique fountain pen, whenever and wherever he might be. Not satisfying with informing his children of his vast experiences, often time and time again, he then never failed to entertain those around him with similar but equally interesting stories. As a truly gifted musician, he would frequently delight his audience by playing the piano and singing Latin Church music to them.

Despite his busy workload, he still managed to find time with his family. We recalled the days when the seven of us went to the seaside, playing and trotting around golf courses and all the outings, not to mention exploring different places, sampling every food and getting to know all the people we come across. It is his belief that if you love your children then let them travel. This we all didall around the world.

Education was his prime concern. From the moment he returned from an overseas scholarship, and still in his early 30's, he knew exactly how he wanted his children and those he supported to be educated. Often Dad would reminisce about the time he spent in different countries, the culture he encountered and the numerous nationalities he became acquainted with. To him the world became smaller and to us he made sure it became our oyster. He remained so proud, and quite rightly so, that his visionary ambition in education has led to the success of so many around him.

Time is pressing on and we could go on about Dad and us. But like any good things in life, there must be the end of the chapter to allow room for new ones. Before we bid goodbye, there are so many people whom we wish to thank from the bottom of our hearts for staying with the family throughout the peaks and troughs of the Chinnapha. We believe you know who you are.

As we leave you for now, Dad's smile, music and teaching will always be in our hearts. For without your resolute devotion and sacrifice, we would not be where we are today.

Thank you, Dad. We will miss you dearly.