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Recently, the annual "Roundtables" have become another important instrument for the concerns of the center. Normally held under a certain theme and at St. John's University in Bangkok, the Roundtable is confined to a small group of researchers who participate by invitation. The group is composed of some 25 researchers who are expected to submit and present a paper at the conference.

In 2012, the Rountable was held for the first time outside Bangkok at Mudra Institute for Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA, India) and mainly devoted to research in communication in a multi-religious society, like India.

This gathering is normally held in the middle of October every year because this means also being the semestral break in many Asian countries.

The Roundtable on Religion and Social Communication of the ARC at St. John's University in Bangkok (Thailand) has emerged, since 2010, as a regular academic activity of the center.

The Conferences try to study the field of social communication as the communication of and in human society in Asia. This refers not only to the media and technology but to all means and ways of communicating in human culture related to religion.

The Roundtable is limited to a maximum 25 participants in order to secure proper discussion and deeper sharing. Thus participation is by invitation only.

Every participant is expected to present a paper according in line with the annual theme or in general related to the concerns of the center.

Participation in one Roundtable does not actually guarantee participation in succeeding Roundtables. All participants (past and presents), however, will be become part of the ARC Researchers' Network and will receive free copies of the bi-annual ARC Journal "Religion and Social Communication" as well as other publications of the Center such as the upcoming ARC Book Series.

This book series, titled "Religion and Social Communication," will be published in cooperation with the publishing house of the "University of Santo Tomas" (UST) in Manila. Participants are also free to propose research articles for book ARC Journal and book series.

The conference usually happens in Bangkok, where the center is based. But it can also move to other countries if the theme of the gathering warrants and a special interest proposes such a shift.

The theme of the Roundtable for each year will be discussed at the annual gathering but will be decided on by the academic board of the ARC.

2010 "Rountable on Religion and Social Communication: Towards a Research Agenda" Bangkok, Thailand
2011 "Religion and Social Communication: Common Concerns and Commitment" Bangkok, Thailand
2012 "Religion and Communication in a Multi-Religious Setting: An Asian Perspective" Ahmedabad, India
2013 "Religion and Social Communication in Changing Cultures of Asia" Chang-mai, Thailand
2014 Social Communication Dimensions of Religions in Asian Cultures: An Exploration Saengtham College
2016 Religions in Digital Asia St. John's University
2017 Religions in Digital Asia II : Realities, Experiences, Visions Centurion University Bubaneshwar, India

ARC Roundtables are usually held in the middle of October in order to fit in the academic calendars of the participants.



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