Saint John's Commerce เซนต์จอห์นเทคโนโลยี เซนต์จอห์นโปลีเทคนิค เซนต์จอห์นท่าบม Saint John's International School เซนต์จอห์นสามัญ อนุบาลเซนต์จอห์น มหาวิทยาลัยเซนต์จอห์น stjohn commerce



The primary objective of the College is to provide Quality Education in the business field, and prepare students for secretarial and managerial positions. The college shall leave no stone unturned to help the students create enthusiasm for learning by applying a keen, scholarly attitude and approach. The college aims at the fullest possible development of the individual through vocational education and participation in various activities.


The College strives to help each student become an informed and responsible member of modern society. Since each person has a different background and progress at his/his own rate, it is not assumed that all students will achieve the ideal in the same way or to the same degree. The college does its utmost, however, to help them develop their different qualities.

But true education means more than a preparation for our future careers. It has to do with the harmonious development of physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual powers. The ultimate purpose of man is to love and serve God and his fellow men and that all his instructions and learning must be directed toward helping him achieve that end. That is why, a spirit of mutual respect and helpfulness is encouraged and every effort is made to help students to develop a high degree of intellectual and emotional maturity.

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