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Admission of Freshmen

a. Applicants are considered for admission to the Freshmen class for which they are urged to apply by March of every year.
b. All candidates seeking admission to the College must present themselves in person to file an application form obtained along with the college Prospectus from the Administrative office of the College. The application must be accompanied with payment of application fee and the official Transcript of Record.
c. New entrants are expected to register at the time and place appointed for the purpose, normally in March of every year on the school premises. Registration is not complete until all school fees have been paid.
d. All applicants must present evidence of Lower Secondary School graduation i.e. Mathayom 3 (Three) or its equivalent. Admission is also based on a student's moral certificate from the last school attended may be required.
e. It is the responsibility of a student to arrange for the transcript to be sent to the College. All transcripts filed at the college become the permanent property of the College once an applicant enrolls. Final decision on all questions of admission rests with the College.
f. Students who are expelled or asked to withdraw for any reason will not be considered for readmission.
g. Enrolment in the College signifies an agreement on the part of each student to obey the rules and regulations of the College.
h. The College reserves the right, and the students concede the College right, to require the withdrawal of any student at any time for any reason deemed sufficient.
i. All new entrants are required to sit for an entrance examination in English.
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