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Trinity College lays the same emphasis on discipline as it lays on teaching standards. Teaching without discipline is similar to a house dwelt without strong foundation. The students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to standards established by the society and the College, and are able and willing to maintain self-discipline appropriate to membership in a College community. The college reserves the right to take disciplinary measures compatible with its own best interests and the interests of its students.

The offence of any of the following points makes a student liable to serious disciplinary action or to immediate dismissal from the college

a. Smoking is not allowed on or outside the campus.
b. Drinking alcohol or consuming prohibited drugs of any descriptions during College hours.
c. Gambling, betting, possessing playing cards or other gambling devices
d. sing foul language; indulging in bad conduct; possessing or displaying obscene literature, pictures, VCD or VDO tapes of any description
e. Engaging in acts of dishonesty or deception
f. Wilful destruction of any College property
g. Improper conduct involving persons of the opposite sex, including meeting them in a deliberately planned secretive manner
h. Attending questionable amusement places such as night clubs or discotheques
i. Committing any act that injures, degrades, or disgraces a fellow student
j. Leaving the campus without proper permission
k. Being insubordinate by violating any College regulation or by disobeying any teacher
l. Hazing in any form
m. Not in possession of his/her own books or any other study materials needed in class
n. Non-submission of home-work given by teacher
o. Finding students in College uniform indulging in any kind of bad conduct or behaviour which may, in any way, lower the dignity of the College
p. Non-payment of school dues within the time limit
q. Instigating other students to commit any violation of the rules
r. Not wearing the proper College uniform specified in Article XI
s. If caught red handed in stealing money, property of other students or of the College.


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