Saint John's Commerce เซนต์จอห์นเทคโนโลยี เซนต์จอห์นโปลีเทคนิค เซนต์จอห์นท่าบม Saint John's International School เซนต์จอห์นสามัญ อนุบาลเซนต์จอห์น มหาวิทยาลัยเซนต์จอห์น stjohn commerce


History of School

Trinity College offers a three-year course in Office and Business Management education. The College also provides a two-year extension program for an Associate Degree in Business Computer and Business Administration Studies for those who successfully passed the first Three-year course.


The word "Trinity" means a group of three. As such, Trinity College strives to serve not only educational and vocational needs, but also social and spiritual needs.Trinity College was founded in 1965 by Acharn Samai Chinnapha, the President of Saint John's College. Thus Trinity College is a stone's throw away from St. John's College, andis located at the junction of Ladprao and Phaholyothin road. The founder has vast experience in public and private secondary and higher educational institutions. This experience was responsible for the adoption of policies which have contributed towards progress and development of vocational and business education so as to enable students to work effectively, efficiently and in harmony with other members of society.

It is gratifying to observe that our students, including some of those who did not complete the course, are successfully holding secretarial, clerical, and managerial positions. Many students are also able to proceed to foreign countries, including the United States of America, England, Japan and Australia to further their studies after learning for one year at Trinity college, and are successfully continuing their course just because of the fact that the College has greatly helped them improve their level of the English language.Every effort has been made and will be made to appoint well experienced and highly qualified teaching staff of whom half are foreigners, well trained in the teaching of English.

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