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Student Uniform

Students must wear the proper college uniform specified here. The style of the uniform can be obtained from the College, or from the photographs shown in this prospectus. No Cosmetics are allowed to be used by the students. The details are as follows:



 Hair Style

natural; simple; properly combed


white and plain; full sleeves; having buttons and badge bearing the College insignia.


 black and plain; knee length; loosely fit.


black; two-inch heels; without bows; without straps.


bearing the College insignia. To be worn properly around the waist (not loosely or hanging downwards).

 School Badge

to be firmly pinned on the first button of the blouse.




 sideburns properly cut; not too long.


 white and plain; half sleeves.


 black bearing the College insignia


black and plain, not too tight; belt bearing the College insignia.


black with laces or zip or elastic.



Unfavorable hair styles shall not be allowed. The College has the right to define what hair styles are acceptable. Buttons,badges, and belts for the girls, and neckties and belts for the boys must be bought at the College. Any student not complying with the instructions given here will be strictly dealt with. Further information can be obtained form the office.

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