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Teaching Staff

The College is committed to the total education of its students and thus maintains a team of experienced and highly qualified international teaching staff, plus professionals from various business institutions. The teaching staffs hold regular meetings headed by the Director. In these meetings, the teachers put forward genuine concerns and problems of the students. The ways and means to solve the problems will then be discussed. The teachers are free to give creative ideas andsuggestions to improve all activities of the College.

Furthermore, staff development is conducted regularly in order to be sure that all teachers are focused on student-centered learning, to provide love and care and to assist students to fully develop themselves academically and spiritually.

The English classes are taught by native English-speaking teachers. Students are divided into small groups of ten or less for effective learning. They will be fully developed in the four necessary basic skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Teacher Staffs
A. Somchai Chinnapha 
Teacher Staffs
A. Nancy B. Swangreungsri 
Teacher Staffs
A. Mylene R. Angeles
Teacher Staffs
A. Wiparat Chomdong 
Teacher Staffs
A. Catherine Laddawan
Teacher Staffs
Sr. Myrna A. Maluyao, r.a. 
Teacher Staffs
A. Rachanee Darathai
Teacher Staffs
A. Sirichan Choonhasiriraks 
Teacher Staffs
A. Girlie C. Briones

A. Russel Rewis Pleech.
Teacher Staffs
Miss Suratchada Kunapan 


 "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he eats for life."

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