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about middle school

At Saint John's International School we believe in educating the whole child and provide a happy, nurturing, caring and secure environment where each pupil is helped to feel equally important and is encouraged to achieve his / her potential in all aspects of school life.

Our Middle School is a caring community in which we help our students to develop confidence and a sense of self-worth.
All the staff at St. John's International School work very closely to meet the individual needs of our children. Our aim is to provide the best in education for all our pupils, whatever their ability. We make every effort to ensure that each child can develop their academic, social and personal skills to their full potential in a safe, stimulating and caring environment.

Saint John's International School – Middle School follows an adapted version of the English National Curriculum, with the use of the International Middle Years Curriculum, alongside the national and cultural heritage of Thailand to deliver the skills, knowledge and understanding being learnt. Middle school is an important transition between our Primary Section and our High School, academically and socially. To assist in this transition our grade 7 and 8 students' curriculum has the same format as our Primary School, the difference being, unlike Primary the students are exposed to a bigger range of teachers. This is less than the high school, but gets the students used to completing assignments to a range of teachers.

A rigorous process of assessment monitors the children's development throughout the primary school and children are set regular targets in all areas of the curriculum. We have regular meetings with parents and children to inform on the progress that the child is making and to discuss the targets that have been set.

Specialist teachers deliver the Swimming, PE and Music, Thai and Mandarin curricula. Thai Language and Culture are an important part of our curriculum, with students having Thai class everyday.

At St. John's we are a keen participant in international sports competitions sponsored by TISAC and this includes football, basketball and swimming, to name but a few. We have an excellent large purpose built sports hall, grass football pitch and a 25m swimming pool.




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