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Welcome to the St John’s International School Library page. Saint John’s International School has two libraries, one for our Primary children (Nursery – Year 6) and one for our Secondary students (Years 7-13).We aim to provide support for the teaching and learning requirements of all our students.

The libraries are committed to developing skills that will assist students to become lifelong learners.

Our Policy

 Our Aim


- To support and enhance the curriculum.


- To provide a calm and pleasant environment in which students can
    study or read for pleasure.


- To provide facilities and resources conducive to learning and
   introduce all students to the benefits of library research.

- To provide a means of access for students and staff to
   a wealth of information.


- To reflect the needs and interests of all of our students.

To contact the Secondary Librarian, please call 02 513 8590 x124

Our Library Staff

Mrs. Soravee Hongnoi – Primary Librarian

Mrs Hongnoi looks after the Primary Library. She holds Bachelors degree in Library Science and Masters of Education. She is a multitalented lady and has been with Saint John’s for many years.

To contact Mrs. Soravee, please call 02 5138590 x 214

E-mail :

Mrs Emma Bennett - Secondary librarian
Mrs Bennett has had experience in libraries around the world and is very happy to be here at St John’s International School. Her main objective is to encourage as many students as possible to come and use the library and learn to enjoy all types of books, for pleasure reading or research. Mrs Bennett loves to read and is always happy to talk to the students about the kind of books they are interested in and help in any way she can. There will be regular competitions to motivate the students to borrow books, with prizes and house points being awarded for the winners!



Library software-

Softlink Alice is the library management system, a catalogue of all the library resources.  Alice enables us to check resources in and out, find out who has a book, when it is due back, calculate fines, and obtain information about a particular book (publisher, author etc).  It is a quality programme from Australia, used by many of the top international schools in Thailand.