Since 1994, our program has offered a complete North American-style secondary school curriculum right here in Bangkok! All of our courses are taught in English (except Thai language). Parents looking to expand their children’s opportunities no longer have to send them to Canada or the U.S. to attain a North American High School education.

Saint John’s North American High School Program (NAHSP) is an integral part of Saint John’s International School, so students enjoy full access to all the facilities available.

Our program is accredited by both the Thai Ministry of Education and World Wide Educational Services WES, a prestigious British accrediting organization which also accredits the British section of St. John’s International School.

We offer an excellent educational environment . Classes are small (always less than twenty students per class, often much less). Teachers are dedicated professionals with post-graduate qualifications. As a result, our graduating students have an outstanding pass rate. Last year all graduating students received a high-school diploma. This is an exceptional result for the school and a proud achievement for our students.

The North American High Schools also offers a variety of scholarships to deserving students. Please contact our office for more specific details. We welcome Thai and foreign students who wish to complete their high school studies in English, to prepare for university study in an international college in Thailand or overseas.



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