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  Web Services Department


The Web Services team aims to ensure and effective and professional web presence for
all schools within Saint John's for Education.  The team is working towards achieving this
through the following phases of development


    - Redesigning Saint John's for Education front page to improve ease of use and
      aesthetic integrity


    - Redesigning front pages of all schools within Saint John's to have a look-and-feel that is
      consistent with Saint John's desired corporate image


    - Restructuring subsidiary pages to be consistent with each school's front page


    - Implementation of a Content Management System (CMS) to provide each department
       in Saint John's with the appropriate control of their web pages


    - Maintain and review effectiveness of CMS in supporting Saint John's we presence





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 Saint John's for Education - 1110/1-11 Vipavadee-Rangsit Road, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand. Tel. (662) 938-7058-65 Fax: (662) 513-8588

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