Rewards of volunteering

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience for you as a volunteer and also for those you teach.

Here are a few rewards you get in exchange for your time. We cannot promise that you will gain all of these rewards, as what you get of of the experience, has much to do with how much you are willing to put in.

A deeper understanding of Thai culture and people. While in Thabom you will be full immersed in Thai culture, spending much of your time with the locals and share part of their life. You will quickly see how valuable your presence here and the willingness of the locals to interact with you. This kind of experience is hard to find as a regular tourist.

During their stay, volunteers usually learn more about themselves, it is a ideal time for personal development and enrichment. Being submersed in another culture you often find you understand your own culture better.

You will acquire new cultural skills giving you a new perspective to your life. You will adapt and find new ways to cope with difficult and unknown situations which will help you become more self confident, self assured and independent.